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Introductory offer $70 one hour Lymphatic massage 

Lymphatic Drainage

More than a massage service.


We design personalised wellness programs to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Implementing lymphatic massage, thermal therapy and guided education, our programs effectively target excess weight, back/joint pain, inflammation, migraines and chronic fatigue.


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Our Mission

Energy Wellness was established to help people find their natural health. Our role is to uncover the cause of your health issues and teach you to further prevent and in many cases reverse these conditions. We will provide you with: An understanding of the body as an energetic system and the tools and techniques to be responsible for your own health. A better understanding of the mind and body connection, activating the healer within.  Support and empathy from our clinic professionals that will inspire you to make the shift to new thought patterns. A commitment to working and collaborating with all medical professions to give you the greatest outcome for your healing journey. 

Team Members

Sean Connell

Sean Connell

Lymphologist - South Morang Clinic (Energy Wellness)

Certified Lymphologist trained in America and at the Sage School of Massage, Melbourne.

Michelle Richardson

Michelle Richardson

Lymphologist - Belgrave Clinic (Urban Health Retreat)

Certified Lymphologist trained in America and at the Sage School of Massage, Melbourne.

Team Home

Get in Touch

Belgrave Clinic (Urban Health Retreat )

162 Colby Dr,  Belgrave South, VIC 3160 

Ph: 0474 494 021

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Michelle Lymphatic treatments are amazing. Her work is subtle, yet so deep and utterly relaxing. Leaving my session with Michelle, I felt so much lighter and clearer. I felt the effects immediately and know how important is to keep the lymph flowing for optimal health. Michelle is a world of knowledge and I highly recommend her work and can't wait to see her for my next session.

Kate  28/6/2021

The lymphatic drainage and massage sessions with Michelle Richardson has been emotionally and spiritually life changing for me. My anxiety levels have significantly dropped and I’m maintaining a more calm, even and content baseline. The 30 minutes lymphatic drainage machine rejuvenates and energises by body and its like doing a workout without any of the hard work. My body just loves it! The remaining 30 minutes lymphatic relaxation massage is very healing and calming. I feel so much peace and joy both physically and mentally after each of these sessions. I attend fortnightly and not only do I look very forward to it but these sessions with Michelle have positively impacted my life and I have been healing ever since.

Lucy 2021

Hi Sean I was so excited with what I experienced this morning and wanted to share with you. Actually I experience two things I stopped what i doing to focus on the feeling. It was as if my body had a furness my metabolism kicking in. I feel everything you have me doing is finally working Yay. and thank you. P.S. I've dropped another 2.6 kg since I saw you

Client of Mr S. Connel

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