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Lymphology Australia founder Michelle Richardson highly qualified Lymphologist our business offers the following services.

Lymph nodes rejuvenation: Anti - aging of your internal organs is a must to help maintain optimal health and well being with the assistance of our oxidation med bed to reduce and in many cases reverse illness and diseases. 

Non Surgical sessions help crippling joint pain to be eliminated, replenish and maintain healthy connective tissues to stay young and healthy throughout our lives and especially our mature  years.  contact Michelle and her team 



I have always believed in healing the body from a very young age. Don't know why I trusted the body to heal and it is a miracle in flesh and blood. Now in my 57 year of life 37 years of many healing modalities  certifications, teaching and knowledge, now heading into a Doctorship of natural medicine, I have the tools, skills and selflove in reversing  the Irreversible. A few of my many skills are  Lymphology, High frequency nutraceuticals, Advance water fasting,  12 loving steps to healing, lymphatic drainage massage, Pelvic  restoration  and disease  prevention, non  - surgical body therapy . With my team of skill health professionals we can help you change your diagnoses into great health and healing.

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Optional Special Sessions on Offer- 30mins Energy Bed  -  lymphatic massage $140
 15 mins E Power - 30 mins Energy bed / 3 sessions a week $90 per week 

30 min E Power - 30 min Energy  Bed = $60 each
2 Person Pack

Non Surgical sessions

For healing to take place we must transform the scar tissue back into connective tissue, melt the crystallization and return the displaced calcium to where it belongs .... our bones. This treatment has the ability to return bones back to their healthy state no matter what the age the patient/client is. The first step is using Wolfe non - surgical to loving  pull the fibres apart because these physical blocks stop the body from healing. 

Wolfe Non - surgical body Therapy - Reverse the Irreversible, Wolfe Non -  surgical therapy is the most powerful body work ever developed. There is no other technique that can achieve the results of Wolfe non - surgical. The Doc of Detox I International Training Institute of health has over 35 years of training and treating people and is highly respected around the world . By working on the 4 pillars of health and receive  perfect day consult covering the 4 pillars of health 1. physical 2. emotional  3. nutritional  4. belief patterns anything can be reversed.

For sessions please contact me directly Michelle  0405040217 

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Lymphatic Drainage

SOQI BED Energy Medicine 

Implementing lymphatic massage, thermal therapy and guided education, our programs effectively target excess weight, back/joint pain, inflammation, migraines, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, bipolar, eating disorders  and chronic fatigue.


Call 0474494021
Call 0488417788

The SOQI Bed  – What is it and how can I benefit from it?

The SOQI Bed Spa is a total health management system. It is a combination of scientific technology and Chinese medical science. It combines Motion, Thermal and Electrical Energy to release toxins and unhealthy build up in your body. It restores the natural healing ability of your body to improve your immune system and also to extend your life span.

The three components of the SOQI Bed Spa are the Sun Ancon Chi Machine (which uses motion), the Hot House Dome (which uses thermal) and the E-Power Machine (which uses electrical energy).


live in - Health and healing  coming soon 

Monday to Friday  health, training and healing live in  program inquire with Michelle  

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Our Mission

Energy Wellness was established to help people find their natural health. Our role is to uncover the cause of your health issues and teach you to further prevent and in many cases reverse these conditions. We will provide you with: An understanding of the body as an energetic system and the tools and techniques to be responsible for your own health. A better understanding of the mind and body connection, activating the healer within.  Support and empathy from our clinic professionals that will inspire you to make the shift to new belief systems to greater health. Listening, understanding and loving the whole person you are, you will be able to take back your power to be your authentic self, confident in decisions to improve yourself and your families overall health and wellbeing.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the drainage of lymph nodes and movement of lymph fluids around the body. It will relieve lymphedema, reduce all health conditions and issues, restore the body back to strength and vitality.

Our Values
Include all people with all abilities.
We can be strong together with emotional strength.

We welcome all visitors to our site - so that we can all can engage in healing



Indigenous Australians - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, healing is a holistic process, which addresses mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs and involves connections to culture, family and land.

Team Members

Lorraine McGhee

Lorraine McGhee

Trainee Lymphologist Belgrave South

Psychiatry and general nursing.



Office Manager

Belgrave south

Amber Loft

Amber Loft

Trainee Lymphologist Belgrave South

Parent of 2 wonderful boys.

Sean Connell

Sean Connell

Lymphologist - South Morang Clinic (Energy Wellness)

Certified Lymphologist trained in America and at the Sage School of Massage, Melbourne.

Kara Northwood

Kara Northwood

Food coach

After a long Battle with illness Kara found the best way to nourish the body with real food

Michelle Richardson Director

Michelle Richardson Director

Lymphologist - Belgrave Clinic (Urban Health Retreat)

Director of Urban health retreat Certified Lymphologist trained in America and at the Sage School of Massage, Melbourne.

Team Home


Im feeling a lot calmer these days and not as stressed as I used to be. My head is clearer and I'm able to move through life, getting alot more done. I'm feeling more postive about the future and would like to more readily fulfill my goals and drams. One of the main goals I have in life is to improve my overall health -spirtually, emotionally, psychologically and physically. Fran Bucci

Hi Sean I was so excited with what I experienced this morning and wanted to share with you. Actually I experience two things I stopped what i doing to focus on the feeling. It was as if my body had a furness my metabolism kicking in. I feel everything you have me doing is finally working Yay. and thank you. P.S. I've dropped another 2.6 kg since I saw you

The lymphatic drainage and massage sessions with Michelle Richardson has been emotionally and spiritually life changing for me. My anxiety levels have significantly dropped and I’m maintaining a more calm, even and content baseline. The 30 minutes lymphatic drainage machine rejuvenates and energises by body and its like doing a workout without any of the hard work. My body just loves it! The remaining 30 minutes lymphatic relaxation massage is very healing and calming. I feel so much peace and joy both physically and mentally after each of these sessions. I attend fortnightly and not only do I look very forward to it but these sessions with Michelle have positively impacted my life and I have been healing ever since.

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Ricki the robot 

Our mission to heal the children of our future, with fun filled adventure of healing through story time. Some of the money received will go into building a 




ricki the


Get in Touch

Belgrave Clinic (Urban Health Retreat )

162 Colby Dr,  Belgrave South, VIC 3160 

Ph: 0474 494 021

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