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About the  Healing Clinic 

By visiting the site you may learn about the life saving medical research which  was done between 1930 and 1963, at the Harvard Medical School by Dr. Cecil K. Drinker, the Tulane School of Medicine by Dr. H. S. Mayerson, and at the Mississippi School of Medicine by Dr. Arthur C Guyton.

Mr S Connell and Ms M Richardson have over 50 years experience between them. Mr S Connell certify in Lymphology studied at The International Academy of Lymphology in USA, M Richardson trained in Lymphatic drainage and at the current time studying the advance course, Speed-Healing & Applied Lymphology, 

Including  certificates in Personal Training, clinic Pilates, massage, basic nutrition, life coaching 

1. We believe that the intelligence of nature is of divine origin

2.  We believe the human body has the ability to derive with perfect efficiency any component it truly needs - on its own - from the divine creations of nature and that in the process of doing so the body can manage these things intelligently

3. We believe in understanding the processes and principles with regard to life, death, healing, and disease - more so than relying on questionable evidence, which is often twisted and misinterpreted to suit the needs of self-serving interests.

Providing you with the best healing for the best care

Mr S Connell 

After being run over by a moving vehicle and having a near death experience, in an instant my life changed forever. For one brief moment in time, I was in the presence of the Inexpressible One and I knew I was not destined to leave this beautiful place. My purpose in life was to help people find their light and energy through natural health, specialising in lymphology.  My life journey has taken me to many places and I have worked with incredible doctors from around the world who remove inflammation from the body. It’s thought-provoking as I see many people who know little and quite often are confused about their health and wellbeing. When you are ready, I look forward to guiding you on a journey of discovery to natural health.


Your body wants to be healthy.

We teach the laws of health.

Ms M Richardson 

30 years experience in the health and fitness industry, specialising in the modalities of healing and wellness including personal fitness and training, clinical Pilates, nutritional guidance and lymphatic massage. Currently undertaking through the International Academy of Lymphology an Advanced course in Lymphology. My life experiences have seen my wellness expertise developed through engaging and working in many health and fitness establishments in Melbourne. Highlights of my career include the opportunity to learn from Sage School of Massage and in the USA, Dayspring Cancer clinic with hands on experience in Lymphatic drainage.

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