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My Mission

Energy Wellness was established to support people find their natural health, specialising in the science of Lymphology.  We will reveal the cause of loss of energy, pain, disease and how you can prevent and in many cases reverse these conditions.

Your journey to recovery and good health will reveal:

An understanding of the body as an energetic system.  We will provide you with the tools and techniques to be responsible for your own health. A better understanding of the mind and body connection and activating the healer within you. The support and empathy from our clinic professionals that will inspire you to make the shift to new thought patterns. A commitment to working and collaborating with all medical professions to give you the greatest outcome for your healing journey. 

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Ms M Richardson 

35 years experience in the health and fitness industry, specialising in the modalities of healing and wellness including personal fitness training, clinical Pilates, nutritional guidance and lymphatic massage, life coach Lymphologist . My life experiences have seen my wellness expertise developed through engaging and working in many health and fitness establishments in Melbourne. Highlights of my career include the opportunity to learn from Sage School of Massage and in the USA, Dayspring Cancer clinic with hands on experience in Lymphatic drainage. A author of a children series Ricki the Robot teaching kids health and healing. Mother of two children and a loving Partner Pete.

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