Lymphatic Drainage 

Oxygen is the most powerful tool for healing, to flood your body with oxygen promotes cells to regenerate reverse ageing and eliminate illness and disease this is our service the SQOI energy bed enjoy a short video on healing

Our Mission:

To bring the science of lymphology out of obscurity, once and for all.

The SOQI Bed displays a futuristic design and was developed with the focus on today's current health trends. It is a brand new concept in holistic health management and utilizes the latest in scientific technology. The "So" of SOQI represents Solar Energy and "Qi" from SOQI represents life's energy. The SOQI Holistic Health Spa is unique with its multi-energy concept integrating Motion Energy, Thermal Energy, and Music Therapy into its very own unique multi-energy healing product.

1. The Perfect Combination of Eastern Traditional Medicine and Western Health Technology.

The SOQI Bed consists of traditional Chi Gong, Passive Aerobic Exercise, and Massage Therapy in a relaxing spa setting. With its engineering-leveled technology and its health-caring equipment, we can offer you a multi-energy "Total Holistic Health Management Spa." This allows you to "manage" your health as well as the other aspects of your life.

2. The SOQI Bed is a Health Enhancing Management System for Today's on the go Person.

Healthy circulation provides many things for the body, including the proper delivery of nutrients and oxygen to our cells. If our cells have what they need to function, our energy becomes enhanced. Combine this with the gentle warmth of the SOQI Ceramic Heaters providing FIR Heat Therapy, and we have the essential elements needed to achieve great health. The SOQI Bed Total Health Management System combines these characteristics with the movement and massage from the Chi Machine with FIR Topical warmth from the SOQI Ceramic Heater. The SOQI Bed provides aerobic stimulation and can allow your body to detox through perspiration while feeling as though you are "sunbathing" safely and comfortably under the ceramic heat rays of the FIR Topical Warming Unit. There is nothing but enjoyment, health, and wellness when using the SOQI Bed!

3. A True Experience of Exotic Luxury.

The SOQI Bed is beneficial to one's body, mind, and soul. It provides a feeling of deep relaxation, which can lead to better night-time sleep, better mobility, and better energy for its users. As your body adapts to the SOQI Bed environment it becomes healthy, while your mind and soul become positive.

4. A World-Class High Tech Manufacturer

The SOQI Bed is built in the He Fei High-Tech District of China. In July 2002, the 13,000 square foot building of Merit Technology Development was founded. During that same year, this facility earned ISO9001 recognition. In addition to receiving approval from the Chinese Government's pharmaceutical industry, they were also approved to provide these products in over 30 countries. Their product development, operations management, and innovation in technology are consistently considered to be leading the industry. Not only is the SOQI Bed of such high quality, you can easily take it down and transport it! The SOQI Bed received the Golden Globe Product Award!

5. Keeping up with Future Trends helps us to introduce the iSOQI Bed with its new Bluetooth Control Panel. The only difference between the iSOQI Bed and the SOQI Bed is the difference in control panels. It is the new iSOQI Bed that comes equipped with the Bluetooth Control Panel. This new control panel interacts with the iSOQ Bed App allowing you to connect with your phone or tablet as well as the EMD Device.

Scientists have already proven the existence of Chi. When our Chi flows freely through our body it promotes calm movements and breathing patterns. It can help restore a healthy balance throughout the body, mind and emotions. Easily flowing Chi can be very effective for keeping us younger and more vibrant. As an increased number of people study Eastern Chi, we predict the future trend will continue to lean toward this all-natural Chi experience and many of our wellness centers and homes will be equipped with a SOQI Bed.

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