Treatments with Michelle (Belgrave South )

packages from 

$70.00 per session SOQI bed only 

10 sessions pay  up front $700

saving of $200 Belgrave South only 

60 mins  - $135

30 mins energy bed and 30 mins lymphatic drainage massage

60 mins - $90

Energy bed

60 mins  $145

Energy Bed and collagen mask 

60 Mins - $140

Lymphatic drainage manual  massage

90 mins - $185

30 mins energy bed and 60 mins lymphatic drainage massage.

Two Person Package $140

Both persons will receive 30 mins energy bed and 30 mins lymphatic drainage massage. Conducted in the same room.


Mobile Pilates and lymphatic drainage massage also available.  We will come to you!. Tailoring exercise packages for in home sessions.  Prices vary based on client needs. 

Treatments with Sean 

60 mins $90

Energy bed 

60 mins $145

Energy bed  + collagen mask 

60 mins $120

Energy bed and rain drop technique using nine essential oils to assist in straightening the spine.

Two Person Package $160

Both persons will receive 30 mins reflexology and 30 mins Energy bed. Conducted in the same room.

Two Person Package $160 (South Morang)

Both persons will receive 30 mins massage medical chair and 30 mins Energy bed. Conducted in the same room.

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Products- Nano Soma immune system booster

Corrects your DNA to heal your body systems.   

How soon can I expect to see results from using NANO SOMA?

This is a question that I see often. Sometimes it is as a direct question, whilst at others it is hidden inside a perception. It is quite common that we see people buy a single bottle of NANO SOMA and expect a miracle result, when they have had a health condition for decades. What unfolds with the use of NANO SOMA when we have existing health conditions is about the nature and function of our bodies, rather than about NANO SOMA itself.

Let me explain. Raghu says that the time to heal a health condition is dependent upon how long you have had the condition. And so, if you have had Type I diabetes for life and you are in your 70s or 80s it will take you, perhaps, a year to see this healed. This is but an example. There are many such cases. Having said this, we see situations where, for example, someone has arthritis, which they have had for many years, and they may experience a very rapid reduction in the symptoms, albeit that the overall healing will still take a year or so to be complete.

My point is that if you buy a single bottle of NANO SOMA and expect miraculous results, you will be more than likely disappointed. NANO SOMA is a product that brings a component of our food back into our lives - perhaps the most important component of our food. And so, if you understand it fully, you will not seek healing with a single bottle but see it as a life change, where you decide to use NANO SOMA for the rest of your life. When you understand what it is doing, the choice becomes very obvious. And when you recognise that, in using NANO SOMA you can eliminate arguably all of the nutritional supplements that you might use and all other products that you use to support or heal your body, you realise it is actually very inexpensive. In truth, we have seen a great deal of evidence that using NANO SOMA by itself is the most rapid way to trigger the healing of any health condition that you have.

You see, NANO SOMA brought the blueprint of life to the planet. It knows your biology intimately. And so, when it is present, it triggers the start of the journey which will see the promise of our biology, which is perfect health and permanent optimal age, for as long as we remain incarnate. I will tell you; I see many, many people struggling with this notion every day. We are programmed to think about solutions to our health according to the allopathic model, which is about treating symptoms and looking at the dis ease in our bodies as a disease, when it is simply the body’s response to some imperfect functioning of our biology.- and an acceptance of a plethora of incurable “diseases”.

When you recognise that the presence of NANO SOMA in our bodies triggers a replica of the human genome and that NANO SOMA is regulating all of the 48 or 9 nuclear receptors in our cells when no other substance is known to regulate even one of them, you begin to understand the profound nature of this product and its action when it is in our bodies. On a level, you can look at the emergence of NANO SOMA as the trigger which brings forth the promise of our biology, which is both perfect health and optimum age. It is very difficult for us to grasp this profound and fundamental truth. But it is the case.

And when you look at this more deeply and you begin to grasp that its emergence when these “jabs” are widespread in our world, you realise this awakening to the perfection of the human form at this time is no accident. This, my friends, is the promise and the truth of NANO SOMA in our bodies and in our world. Do not consider it to be anything less than this.

Let me share this week’s testimonial with you:

Hi Richard,

I just listened to Lorraine - Love her info - it ties in with galactic info now coming in re: the human species. Elena Danaan says the “seeders” are back to see how the kids are doing at this most important point in our human evolution! The inner strength Lorraine speaks of is what I felt first and still feel and was EXACTLY what I needed.

From 19 Feb 2021, I felt as if my Life Energy or Vital Force was draining away and that I was slowly dying, and that 19 November would be the day my body died.  19 July was also a significant date to me last year.   

Part of me was going along with this slow death but I didn’t want to leave my two sons and I really want to see what happens to us Humans here on Planet Earth or Terra, but until NANO SOMA I had no way to stop this draining of my Life Force. From the first five sprays under my tongue, I was back to being Me but more so.  I now felt and still feel an inner strength and solidity to my BEING that I had not experienced before.  And my words cannot adequately describe, either.  Lorraine’s description of NANO SOMA on our DNA repairing does explain my inner physical strength, though.   

I began painful symptoms of cystitis on 19 July but just yesterday I read that Peeing a lot and multiple waking to Pee is part of what our human biology is doing now.  Actually, Peeing and Pooing multiple times is what our bodies are doing at this time!!!

I will try NANO SOMA into my nose to benefit my pineal gland as Lorraine says.  I am one of the children in the 1950’s who went to the dentist every 6 months and the protocol at that time was dental amalgam!!!

Amazing that human beings have survived the onslaught isn’t it!!!

Grateful Thanks to Dr. Raghu and to you Richard 

Sincerely, Barbara - Jan 2022

 Ten years of testimonials gathered by Raghu can be found at and those gathered by me since December 2019 are at, with a US only subset at Also, these testimonials can now be found in French, Italian, Spanish and German at

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