I have been a client of Mr Sean Connell for many years


I have found him to be a most professional, qualified and caring practitioner, working with the Lymphatic Drainage System.


His life’s work is to help other people to cleanse and heal their Lymphatic Systems in order to live a more healthy and happy life.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Sean Connell and his treatment to anyone, as it is so very relaxing and you feel completely revived.


Thank you Sean for all your help and care over the last few years.


Regards Sandra.


I am feeling fantastic Really great experience of particularly your massage for lymphatic system I can see clear freshness on my face 

Second session in two weeks lost 5.5kg feeling light and energetic  a new found energy 


I thoroughly recommend having Lymphatic drainage with Michelle . Michelle is very highly experienced at her job . Michelle also takes the time to discuss your concerns .



Good new experiences. Highly recommend !


Extremely knowledgeable specialist who took his time in explaining how things work and what the benefits are!!

Client of Mr S Connell 

Hi Sean I was so excited with what I experienced this morning and wanted to share with you. Actually I experience 2 things I stopped what i doing to focus on the feeling. It was as if my body had a furness my metabolism kicking in. 

I feel everything you have me doing is finally working Yay. and thank you. P.S. I've dropped another 2.6 kg since I saw you 

Cathy Smith 

Michelle can't begin to explain the difference you have made to me and my arthritic body... Although still in pain .... it has decrease incredibly ... the machine and your magic hands are wonderful... u have me for life.... my mind is clearer .... my body is healing .... thank you 

Rosie Pascuzzi

Hey Michelle, I’m feeling really good, I felt so light after my treatment yesterday.

Sue, 65 

A 65 year old client  was told by her doctor to increase her oxygen levels for her heart condition. She was only managing 90% and she had to increase to 95 or 100%

She was a little skeptical at first, but was blown away after two weeks and only her second session, her oxygen increased to 100%. Her doctor took the reading on a monitor and  was astonished.

First session only 10 mins on the chi machine followed by 50 minutes manual lymphatic massage. Second session not as nervous 15 mins on the chi feeling fantastic. 

Marj C

I have suffered for 20 years with lymphodema .I had my first treatment yesterday and i feel great.the swelling has gone down in my feet, Michelle was very professional and explained everything to me.cannot wait to have another treatment. Marj C


I cant believe after one treatment the results


I cant believe after one treatment the results

I am 5 weeks post op tummy tuck and breast surgery. I had never heard of LDM till I had my surgery and my surgeon recommended this to help with healing and recovery.  I came across Michelle and she is amazing at lymphatic drainage massage. So much knowledge and passion in helping you heal, as well as makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin. 

Michelle’s knowledge of the lymphatic system and how our bodies work is so interesting and very helpful in healing. 

I highly recommend anyone that has had surgery, a sporting injury, is bloated, or just not feeling quite themselves to give Michelle a call.